The EIZO service concept

  • 5-year warranty: The innovative EIZO service concept is setting the standards in the longevity of hardware, thus introducing the trend towards longer depreciation periods. Strong security you can count on.
  • High-end quality: Top-class materials and careful processing ensure extraordinary durability and make the five-year warranty possible.
  • Investment security: Subsequent costs that would arise if there were no warranty services, e.g. for maintenance and repairs, are prevented and lead to optimized cost transparency (Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Five-year warranty

EIZO grants a five-year warranty.* This is possible thanks to the highly developed production process based on a simple principle of success: sophisticated and innovative monitor technology, made from high-end materials.

In addition to the high demands placed on production and materials, EIZO also places the emphasis on quality assurance in all areas. Even during the production phase, an EIZO LCD monitor undergoes constant adjustments following each individual step in the assembly. Before delivery, each device is commissioned and automatically configured. Rather than random sample testing, each individual monitor is checked exactly.

In addition, the so-called aging process ensures maximum reliability: The LCDs undergo a length test during production, which shows up potential problems on-site and not only later during live operations.

For you, the five-year warranty means high investment security and saves you the subsequent costs (total cost of ownership), which would otherwise be incurred without the warranty service, for example for maintenance and repairs.


* Some devices have a different warranty. The respective warranty periods for the products can be found on the corresponding data sheets or by looking at the international EIZO website. Please see link below. 

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