Used and Recommended by Iconic Photographers


“The detail in the shadows and highlights are now visible, depth of colour I couldn’t even see on my previous monitor.”

Karen Alsop
Digital Photographic Artist

 “The weakest link of the photographer’s workflow is the monitor. Without it, we can’t view or edit the image. The quality of monitors affects the accuracy of how the image is rendered.” 

James Tan
Master Printmaker, Singapore

“An incredible evenness of the screen and highly accurate colours.”

Peter Eastway
Commercial & Fine Art Photographer

“I find EIZO monitors to be honest and provide me with a true and realistic rendition of my images ... excellent depth and detail.”

Tony Hewitt
Commercial & Fine Art Photographer

“Without an accurate reference monitor post-production editing is rather futile, particularly if the intended output is a print.”

Wesley Wong
Master Printmaker, Malaysia

“I’ve found that I’m able to trust what I’m seeing much more, I can detect any problems in advance that may appear in the print.”

Jackie Ranken
Fine Art Photographer & Master Printmaker

“I tend to invest even more in my production monitors than my computers because the monitor is the window into my creative world. I don’t hold back when it comes to the quality of my images, no matter where they are displayed.”

Dr Les Walkling
Contemporary Artist & Master Printmaker